food freedom bliss

When food doesn’t control your life anymore and you effortlessly have it easy with food and eating - I call it: Food Freedom Bliss. You have access to the full potential of joy that life has to offer you, and you experience your relationship with food and yourself from an empowered and authentic place. Pure BLISS.


end self sabotage

As soon as you’re on the right track, something will throw you off, and bring you right back down to square 1. Sound familiar? Self Sabotage can keep you stuck where you are at for years. Uncover your unique reason for self sabotaging and learn effective tools to end this pattern (for good).


Discover empowered eating

Never have another “Day 1” of your diet again. Learn how to finally escape the ups and downs of yo-yo dieting, binging, and shame once and for all. Discover how to effortlessly access your eating “off” button when you are full, end compulsive and emotional eating, restore your natural, healthy relationship with food, and live a life of true food freedom. Learn ways to nourish yourself deeply, both inside and out, and experience joy in eating and mealtime again, even if you’ve never thought it was possible for you!


rewire your unconscious mind

Negative self talk and unconscious patterns can rule our lives, even when we “consciously” are wanting to choose a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Learn how to restructure your limiting beliefs that are keeping your stuck where you’re at. Take action to transform your obsessive thoughts about food and body image, into mental state of clarity and freedom.



The past does not have to define your present. How you were raised, the things that happened to you, the people who hurt you - do not have to steal your joy any longer. Transform your pain into your unique purpose. Tap into your innate power of who you really are, outside of the binges and emotional eating. Unlock the connection between food and relationship to access your full potential as an empowered woman and start living a life full of radiant and vibrant health.