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What my clients are saying…

Life changing. Katie’s work is simple yet profound. I can truly say, even after only 1 week in, that the shift in my mindset that I’ve learned has already changed me and helped me in ways that I’ve never been helped before. I have experienced a newfound sense of freedom that I’ve been waiting for for a long long time. I can’t wait to continue stepping into that light.

I am FINALLY I am starting to get to the bottom of WHY I am binging and overweight, and what I need to do to finally clear out the old junk that still trips me up sometimes or puts a damper on my life.
— Emily R.

I honestly don’t remember where or how I first found my way to Katie and her program, but I am grateful every day that I did. Her program is unlike any wellness or nutrition or “diet” program that I have ever been a part of, rather then telling you to count calories or macros or carbs, you learn to truly get to know yourself and gain insight in to the best possible version of who you are and who you are meant to be.

Katie is so kind and gracious and you can really tell that she is present when you speak with her, she really does seem to “get it”.

The level of healing and inner transformation is incredible and what I truly consider to be a gift - I feel like I have learned more about myself in the last 3 months than I have in the last 30 years of my life. I am forever changed for the better and now feel so much more positive and confident and actually believe in myself and my ability to overcome challenges. I learned how to stop using food as a way to soothe me or comfort me or fulfill me, rather I now actually feel like I can enjoy it for what it is.

I have a lot of work still to do but I really believe that Katie has given me the resources and tools to make my life awesome and I am finally learning enjoy eating without fear or guilt. Thank you, Katie!
— Melissa R.

Katie is amazing. She is LITERALLY changing my life from the inside out. I had tried traditional counseling in the past and never got anywhere. But THIS was something totally different — it is what I had been missing for literally 20+ years as my mind sought food as a coping mechanism.

Katie is so easy to talk to. I feel like she’s a friend I’ve known for a long, long time and can trust fully without reservation. A veil is being lifted that has been covering my eyes and my mind for 20+ years. I am stepping into empowerment and freedom.

She can easily explain the science behind what she’s teaching, which I find fascinating, and freeing that there IS an “explanation”, it’s not “just me” and it’s actually NOT my fault at all (SO many light bulb moments here!). It’s such a relief to talk to someone who actually “gets it”, and even more amazing that she has the tools to guide me into complete freedom. I have no doubt she would change the world if more people could shift their mindset to align with her principles.

Since starting her program 4 weeks ago, I’ve experienced many nights where I did not have that overwhelming, out of control, unable-to-be-suppressed drive to binge and purge or cope with food. It was honestly a weird thing NOT to feel that — to just feel normal, comfortable, at ease, and satisfied. I’m learning to trust myself again!
— Amy S.

I’ve struggled with overeating and sugar cravings for as long as I can remember. The last couple of years, after having 2 kids while also running a business, I have started to feel totally depleted. I gained weight and felt tired all the time.

Since working with Katie, I have been able to uncover and reverse my underlying motivations for overeating. She gave me the tools I needed to meet my needs in a healthier way, without turning to food. She taught me easy meals that I can make in minutes and feel amazing afterwards.

She is helping me truly love my body and make choices that serve me in being the best mom, wife, and business owner that I can be!

I would recommend Katie to anyone that wants to reveal their best selves and live a more fulfilled life!
— Tina C.

Katie is amazing! She’s so kind and easy to talk to. I’ve learned so much about myself through program and our phone calls that have helped me start to become my true self. I’m more aware and in tune with myself than I have been in a long time (probably ever!). Highly recommended.
— Tiffany R.

Katie is one of the most transformative people I have had the pleasure of working with. She is a powerful listener, is concise, professional, and so warm. I highly recommend her to anyone on a self-development journey.
— Natalie K.

Katie is a wealth of knowledge and is easy to talk to. Her presence and awareness brought me to such a deep sense of clarity about how to move forward with everything that I came to her with. I would definitely recommend her to anyone!
— Summer M.