HI! My Name is Katie...


My passion is helping women like you peel back the layers of your life to finally heal your relationship with food, yourself, and others, and tap into your potential as an empowered woman.

I am a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, specializing in Somatic work and an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I am also an Inner Child Work Specialist and an Ayurvedic Auto-Immune Specialist.

Once upon a time, I was right where you were - constantly obsessing about food, when I could eat next, how I could force myself to actually commit to my next diet (which failed every time), binging in secret, and going to sleep feeling ashamed, promising myself that “tomorrow” would be different. For 10 years of my life, every single “tomorrow” was exactly the same as the day before.

I was completely trapped in a vicious cycle that I had no clue how to escape.

I thought that forcing my body to have more self control was the way out. I thought that I lacked will power. “How did all these other women seem to have it so easy with food?” I attempted about 87 thousand million diets, programs, fasts, and cleanses with no luck of reclaiming my relationship with food.

During these 10 years, my body image deteriorated, my sense of self was non-existent, and it seemed like all I could think about was food. Day after day, I would cycle through binging, purging, shaming, dieting, repeat. There was no way out, or at least that’s what I thought.

But here’s the thing: you can’t fill a starving emotional body with food.

It took me YEARS of struggle to figure out that my eating disorder was a symptom, not the problem. The problem was rooted in unidentified, unfulfilled needs, and my unconscious blueprint, that had been imprinted there from a very young age, that I was continually and unknowingly playing out on a day to day basis.

I realized that everything I was doing to end this vicious cycle, was actually perpetuating it.

Years of struggle eventually led me to an extremely effective, inside-out approach to weight loss, maintaining an amazingly healthy weight effortlessly, repairing my relationship with food, strengthening my relationship with myself, and living a life of food freedom bliss.

Fast forward to the present:

I never binge. I never purge. I experience radical self love. I easily maintain a healthy weight. And food doesn’t control my life anymore…

And my clients all experience these things as well.

And here’s the raw, honest truth: I can’t stand knowing that I have figured out the way to food freedom bliss, and there are women out there struggling with food and eating. I genuinely don’t want you to go through another day fighting this battle.

That is why I am offering you a free breakthrough call with me. No obligation, no pressure, just a heart to heart conversation with someone who has been in your shoes before about what you’re going through, and if I think that food freedom bliss is possible for you too.

The link below will take you directly to my personal calendar where you can book a day and time that works for you.

Are you more committed to your fear of change, or are you more committed to living a life of freedom?

Can’t wait to speak with you.

Katie Alyssa